5 Days Itinerary

Day 1

Snorkeling at Sebayur Island & Trekking / Diving at Gili Lawa Darat

We will pick you up from the Labuan Bajo airport as soon as you arrived, then welcome you onboard Kelana. After a refreshing welcoming drink and a short introduction to the facilities of our ship, we will be heading to Sebayur Island, a water sports place well known by divers for its captivating sites. Our afternoon and evening is occupied by Gili Lawa Darat. On the beach, you can see some deers around. We can dive in here but diving is only for a diver minimum of 50 dive because of the strong current.

Day 2

Snorkeling/Diving at Karang Makassar & Beach activities at Hammer Beach / Trekking at Padar

After breakfast, we depart to Karang Makassar for snorkeling/diving. This place is considered by many experts as one of the best sanctuaries, for a close encounter with the magnificent manta rays. Next, we will heading to Hammer Beach or trekking at Padar Island. There will be a beautiful beach set up with bean bags and umbrellas at Hammer Beach. Here, you can do the beach activities and enjoy the beauty of crystal clear turquoise water.

Day 3

Snorkeling/Diving at Siaba, Meet Komodo dragons at Rinca Island & Witnessing Thousands Migrating Bats at Bat Island

After breakfast, we depart to Siaba. It’s a perfect place for beginner. Here, you can dive more than once, as it has two quite different parts: a sandy bottom and a large stag-horn and coral reef. Then we go to Rinca National Park, to gaze upon the world’s largest reptile, the Komodo Dragon. For sunset, we head towards Pulau Kalong (Bat Island), to witness thousands upon thousands of migrating bats as they scatter gracefully through the ever amazing sunset.

Day 4

Snorkeling/Diving at Menjerite Bay, Kelor, and Kenawa

After having breakfast, we will heading to Menjerite Island for snorkeling. Menjerite Island is blessed with crystal clear water and beautiful corals, making it a top diving spot and a must stop for island hopping in Labuan Bajo. After, we’ll heading to Kelor Island to have some beach activities and trekking. Followed up with Kenawa Island. The water of Kenawa Island is so clear, you can see colourful starfish, different kinds of sea animals, and even baby sharks!

Day 5

Snorkeling at Sture Island & Back to Labuan Bajo

The last morning activity is visiting Sture Island. You can do some beach activities and snorkelling. The water is so clear so you can find some underwater creatures. In the afternoon, we will be anchored in Labuan Bajo in preparation for disembarkation.

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